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Dr. Pittman’s drug of choice parked outside of True North Health Care at the mitochondrial bike rack!

Cycling is truly a wonder drug.  It can help you lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol, prevent heart disease and stroke, relieve depression, raise your vitamin D levels, and don’t forget those endorphins that go up when you get outside and have some fun!

So, True North Health Care is proud to sponsor the “Wheel Being” Program in Bemidji!  Minnesota Nice Ride funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield piloted the program last year in Minneapolis and is bringing it to Bemidji this season.  Now, your health care professional can actually prescribe a bicycle for you!
Have you seen those great orange Nice Ride bikes tooling around town? Wheel Being participants will have exclusive use of one of these magnificent bikes from May to October.  If your doctor has been telling you to get more exercise, he or she can prescribe a Nice Ride for you to use to improve your health.

Here’s how it works. Take the Wheel Being Referral form to your health care professional.  Set some goals for your health.  Call the number on the form to register for your Nice Ride Bike.  There is no charge for this program!  What you agree to do is:

1.  Attend one of two orientations at Diamond Point Park:  Wednesday Ma7 20 at 6:30-8:30pm or Saturday May 23 10am-12pm.  You will get your bike, a helmet, a lock, and instructions on safe riding.

2. Ride your bike (any distance) at least twice a week.

3.  Attend at least four social rides over the course of the summer.  There will be lots to choose from, the Pedaling Ninja’s weekly rides, Loop the Lake Festival, and some just for Wheel Being participants.

4.  Attend the wrap up event at the end of the season to celebrate your health gains and receive some great prizes in honor of your accomplishment.

This is the summer to follow your health professional’s advice and enjoy our beautiful town with its bike friendly downtown and superb recreational trails.  Come ride with Dr. Pittman!!  Take two wheels and call me in the evening!  “Wheel” ride together for better health.



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  1. Kassy  February 22, 2016

    RX: Ride a Bike! LOVE THIS!!! And the mitochondrial bike rack!


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