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Community Supported Healthcare

Community Supported Healthcare (CSH) is a new and cost effective way to deliver primary health care. Members of the community pay a monthly or yearly fee to their primary care physician for a package of services. Regular payments upfront reduce overhead and allow the physician to concentrate on delivering care to you and our community.  It allows families to budget their medical expenses and know that they will not have unexpected charges for routine primary/urgent care.


Full Adult Membership

  • One Adult Member

  • Full Membership Benefits

  • $825/ year if paid in advance (savings  of $75)

  • Minimum payment of first 3 months due at first visit ($225)



Spring Buds

Full Family Membership

  • 2 adult members and up to 3 children

  • Full Membership Benefits

  • $1650/year if paid in advance (savings of $150)

  • Minimum payment of first 3 months due at first visit ($450)



Autumn Leaves

Basic Adult Membership

  • Access to all Membership Benefits

  • $440/year if paid in advance (savings of $40)

  • Payment of first 3 months due at first visit ($120)

  • Office Visit rates:  20 min/$80, 30min/$140, 60min/$280   

  • Visit charges offered at 30% discount for cash or check payment at time of service.

  • If Medicare Part B is Primary Payor, we will bill them for office visit charges


$40/month+office visit charges

Membership Benefits

  • Annual Comprehensive Integrative Health Evaluation (1 hour or more).

  • Routine follow-up visits are scheduled for a minimum of 30 min at times that are convenient to your schedule.

  • Same or next day urgent care visits including weekends and evenings

  • Email, phone or video conference visits for problems that can be safely managed without a physical exam.

  • Easy access to your doctor via phone and email, including after hours.

  • House calls and nursing home visits within 20 miles of Bemidji.

  • Notary and Advanced Planning and POLST services available.

  • If you are hospitalized in Bemidji your doctor will make courtesy visits and actively participate in discharge planning.

  • True North offers an array of health related resources including handouts, lending library, classes, notary and Health Care Directives.

  • Dr. Pittman offers acupuncture at a discount to members.

  • We are happy to provide you documentation of your visit for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement, at the discretion of your insurance company.

  • Memberships may be paid by HSA's.

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